[Article] BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT By Sir. Kuli Kuli.

By: in ArticleJanuary 11, 2019

-I never feel fake, believe fake and never act fake. I strictly consider my thinking, feelings and actions as the *”life span”* of my living, which means faking them means faking my whole life.

-One of the problems of human in search of progress is the *inability to discover the ability of oneself; and the power* of appreciating those abilities without copying others.

-Instead of *dreaming to be like others, stay awake to be yourself and better than your former self,* so that your feelings, thinking and actions will be controlled by you and your belief.

-I urge our people to build their lives with originality, avoid *fake news, fake characters and fake lifestyles.* What ever you do is measured by the *”Mental Calculators”* of others who will grace or disgrace you.

-Don’t copy others, do your things the way God created you, because *nobody can be you and you can’t be like anybody,* just be yourself. You can only be you and cannot go beyond who you meant to be.

*-Imitation and Limitation* are too synanymous both in spelling and sound, the only differences is *”L”* which may expose you as a *”Liar”* when you imitate.

-Be yourself, no matter how weak, poor, local, less educated, traditional and backward you think you are; because *”photocopy can never be original”* and you will soon see the giant within your self becoming the genius no one can be!.

-Sometimes the people you envied and dream to be like are mostly having *lesser qualities than yourself,* you just forget to check within yourself to discover what makes you better than them.

-They have bigger shortcomings than you but because you are *busy admiring them, while you under-estimate youself,* you kill the inner YOU by yourself.

-May we have the mindset to be *ourselves, with qualities that no one else can have,* to do things that nothing else could make us copy anyone else at anything else. Ameen.

-Sir. Zaid Ayuba Alhaji. (Sir. Kuli Kuli).

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