BUK INEC Ad-hoc Staff Online Student Verification Step (Very Important)

This is a very virtal information coming from deanary of student affairs Bayero University Kano.

This is to inform all BUK students who have filled the INEC recruitment form to immediately verify their profile with the below steps:

Step 1: buk.edu.ng/verifystudent/

This will take you to login window

Step 2: Enter your username and password then click login

This will take you to student verification window

Step 3: Fill the necessary field by entering the following details

1. Telephone number (if the phone number is already there leave it or correct it)

2. Local Government of Residence

3. Bank

4. Account Name

5. Account Number

Step 4: Click Save

Step 6: Click Logout

Note: if the student verification window refuse to open it means you have not yet been verified so try again later

Also Student who filled scanned copy of the form not original, should come to student affairs to collect original form

Likely Questions

What is my username?


Your Username remain the same as the one you do use to login to my Buk portal during normal school registration

Something like

My fullname: Ibrahim Yekeen Olamilekan ( *iyo* )

Registration number: CST/14/COM/00833 ( *00833* )

My department: Computer Science ( *com* )

The year I enter: 2014 ( *14* )

So my username will be:


Thank You.


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