[iSN Article] Abusites and the Superiority Complex Attitude – By Munir Ishaq Morality

Is it divinely ordained, or just sheer arrogated feeling of supremacy and superiority, I find it hard understanding the attitude of some ABU students, the simple fact that they study in this “Almighty” institution automatically turns them into a set of superior and more intelligent specie of students, who at the sight of colleagues from other tertiary institutions, gloriously, howbeit shamefully, rant and chant “we are naturally ahead of you!!.”

Truly, it goes without saying indeed, that there are numerous bright, intelligent, and exceptionally outstanding alumni and existing students of the institution today. Still, it should not serve as a yardstick for intimidation, mockery and ridicule by students of the institution over students of other tertiary institutions.

Circa late 2016 or thereabout, I was privileged to attend the first ever organised Law Students Conference hosted by Benue State University, a National Moot competition was also organized among the various schools in attendance, involving three stages, the delegates from ABU having scaled through the first stage, faced one other University at the second stage, and the winner was to proceed to the final stage.

Luckily, the delegates from ABU defeated the opposing University, in a victory marred with protests and humongous controversies, before one could even say Jack Robinson, the Law students president who lead the ABU delegates suddenly seized the Mic, jumped on the podium, and started “Ooh yes of course, we are naturally ahead of you…oh yes we are… Bla bla bla.. Bla bla bla….” the defeated party were intimidated and already on top of their voices, and before you know, trouble escalated, a typical example of adding insult to injury.

A friend also narrated an encounter he had with an ABU student, who in the course of their argument, suddenly diverted to advance his position by singing praises of his institution, adding further that by virtue of him being an ABU student, he is naturally ahead. Such is the attitude of some ABU students, they exceptionally good at singing their praises, and they derive pleasure swimming in the pool of their arrogance.

Though it is a fact that, students everywhere are proud of their institutions, only that, that of some Abusites goes beyond limits. I make bold to say the case for some of them is akin to that of empty vessels making the loudest noise, in the face of it, they appear to be passing through the University, but in reality the University is actually passing through them.

Munir Ishaq Morality writes from faculty of law Bayero University Kano. He can be reached via +2348147841027

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