[iSN Article] Neither APC nor PDP: What is the alternative for Kanonians? By Aliyu Bello

The political atmosphere is hot, the drums are beating, the peoples voices are echoing in Kano state, but are not gingered, they are not vibrated, neither are they motivated.

Now the big question we should be asking ourselves is why is the people’s reaction like this in Kano?

The only debatable political topic is the presidential discussion. Most Kanonians are not excited about the state politics because we are all fed up.

We are tired of seeing 2 political “so called” giants play with our heads, minds and souls. Jumping from APC to PDP, and from PDP to APC all for selfish political interests.

The people of this great city want to see something different, Kanonians wants to have a newer alternative.

Its quite obvious and transparent Takai alone cannot win the gubernatorial race under PRP, A.A Zaura alone cannot win under GPN, or Mustapha Getso under NPM, neither would Muhammad Abacha under APDA, and all the other candidates cannot win individually, not because people don’t like them, but because they don’t have enough resources in terms of finance, structure and some other major factors to bring down the incumbent governor, or the other political dictator.

In Kano state, we have 70 political parties, and about 47 or more have presented a candidate for the gubernatorial elections.

Out of the 70 political parties, if we remove APC and PDP, we are left with 68 political parties.

When these parties all come together under 1 umbrella to support 1 candidate, Kanonians are going to have an alternative that will excite them. It is true APC nd PDP are the highest nd most powerful parties but 68 parties together as one will be unbeatable

If really all this political parties are working towards the development and progress of Kano and fighting to save our dear state, then they will all welcome this movement called #SaveKanoCoalition.

#SaveKanoCoalition is a revolutionary movement geared towards bringing together all the political parties across the state to form a grand alliance and combine resources to bring down the dominance of APC and PDP.

By so doing, Kano people would have an alternative, and a new government would be set with objectives and focus.

Aliyu Bello. Kano State Coordinator (Reformation)


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