[iSN Article] Political Violence and the 2019 Elections By Munir Ishaq Morality

Political Violence and the 2019 Elections

After attending the three days Compulsory INEC adhoc staff training at Kano, I returned to Kaduna late in the evening, after a brief rest, I observed the gloomy nature of my brother, on inquiry, he revealed that he lost a friend few days back, a victim of political violence, who only came here for the sole purpose of completing his Qur’anic studies.

It all started on Monday evening, there was a clash between some APC and PDP youths on the Kaduna Bypass close to our area, the warring groups engaged in a duel that lasted for some minutes, stabbing and cutting each other, I remembered vividly the taxi I boarded that evening to the garage narrowly escaped been battered by stones, it also happened that this Guy was passing through the area, and was butchered to death by the hoodlums.

Youths high on weed, who have succeeded in selling their souls to the devil, and surrendered their lives to the whims and caprices of evil politicians, their undiluted loyalty to their paymasters is inspiringly horrifying, they’ve achieved undoubtedly the rank of professors Emeriti in the art of violence, the best moments in their lives are moments of chaos and instability, they see it as an opportunity to display their monstrous prowess, the greatest hero according to them, is the one with the greatest number of maims and kills, their own lives means nothing to them talk less of the lives of other individuals.

They are the source of the pains of many families, the cause of the tears shed in various homes, the originators of the wailings of countless mothers and the silent cries of many fathers, they are the initiators of the weepings of numerous relatives over the lost of closed ones. Calling them agents of destruction would amount to an understatement, for they are destruction personified and disaster humanized.

Next week’s presidential election may plunge the North into an unprecedented political debacle, the very foundation upon which the North stands will be shaken, a contest between two Northerners of same religion and same ethnicity, with hundreds and thousands of supporters spread across the northern realm, whether or not the North shall survive the cul-de-sac is known to none but the Almighty, even before the elections, we’ve started witnessing clashes and lost of lives among people who claim to share the same faith, language and ethnicity, but for the sake of political differences.

Elections will come and pass, the losses incurred remains permanent, election periods ordinarily should not be a nightmare and source of terror and fear, but with the overwhelming presence of the advocates of terror, we can only hope that the Lord Almighty who saw us through previous elections will see us through this one.

Ballots it is, and not Bullets.

Munir Ishaq Morality writes from faculty of law Bayero University Kano. He can be reached via +2348147841027

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