[iSN Article] The “Besty” Fallacy – By Munir Ishaq (Morality)

By: in ArticleJanuary 5, 2019

Technology is not the only concept that witnessed development in the 21st Century, we’ve also witnessed recent “developments” at the Relationship level, it may be that this newly introduced element has been in existence for centuries, and was only been formalised and christened recently.

The Besty fallacy, this can be defined as a {special relationship between two persons of the opposite sex, who may or may not be into any other substantive relationship at the material time} my ish is with the former, i.e that person who is into a relationship and yet involved in the Besty thingy. Honestly the only thing I can infer is that that person is not satisfied with his/her substantive affair and is out there to fill some missing gap. After all a toad does not run in the daytime for nothing.

The few persons I had been able to converse with either declared their approval or disapproval on the said issue on an almost equal basis, it is also worthy of note that numerous ladies among them expressed that they maintaining a male Besty won’t bring any problem, and that there would surely be a problem if they allow their partners to maintain a female Besty, that guys generally cannot control their emotions. Hehehe what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

It is very much hard to draw a line of difference between the match that is being played in the side game (besty stuffs) and the main game (the main relationship), in both games there is an exchange of some degree of emotional feelings, special care for each other, and to some extent what Nollywood Chief Pete Edochie described when he said “Having a female as a best friend is like having chicken for a pet, one may surely eat it someday.”

It is very unfortunate the level of moral degradation we facing in our societies today, even married couples are not spared the said scandalous “development,” you remember the video circulated on Instagram of a man who was seriously punching another man for going out with his wife to Burna Boy’s concert? One so called Instagram “woman rights advocate” while defending this lady shamelessly declared thus: “married women should also be given a chance to mingle with whomever they want, they are also human.” Things have indeed fallen apart.

What you sow is what you reap, if today one cannot be faithful, patient and contented with his/her substantive affair and still pursues besty here and there upandan, is it tomorrow after settling in marital home that he/she thinks it can be remedied? As you lay your bed so you shall lie on it.

Munir Ishaq Morality writes from faculty of law Bayero University Kano. He can be reached via +2348147841027.

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