[iSN Article] Yahaya Bello By Munir Ishaq Morality

I reached the hotel at exactly 9:45 pm, tired and exhausted from the brief but hectic flight, the flight from Kaduna state to the Confluence state was no easy one, coupled with the intense heat of Lokoja, the Kogi state capital, it was imperative i had a good shower before retiring for a good bed rest, I reached for my briefcase and brought out some papers I’ve been working on while on board, so I could study them ahead of my presentation at the Conference slated to hold the next day.

Barely few seconds after reaching out for the papers, suddenly there was a loud and irritating knock at the door, kon kon kon!!, I was perplexed, at this hour of the night? I was not expecting any visit since I never asked for “company” tonight, Morality of course would never do that!. Who then was knocking at this hour.?

The knock came for a second time, this time louder, longer and disturbing than the first, kon kon kon kon kon!!, and then I yelled back “who is there!.” Then came the answer, “Yahaya Bello” I was thunderstruck, not believing my ears, I cried out again “Yahaya who!!!??” The answer came again “Yahaya Bello” I was very much aware that the hotel I lodged in is situated in the street leading to the State Government house. Fire on the mountain! The day of Armageddon is here indeed.

The Kogi state Governor whom I have always notoriously criticised, insulted, and lambasted his person with all sorts of demeaning and offensive language on social media is here to get me tonight, swiftly, I gathered all my belongings within seconds, rushed to the window to search for an escape route via the hotel balcony, I then realised that I was at the third floor of the hotel, even Jackie Chan would not survive a jump, clinging my baggage tightly to my fist, I rushed for the restroom in search of any hiding place, that was after I already ransacked the wardrobe for any. Yet to no avail. 99 days they say is for the Offender and one day for the Offended. Doomsday is here, Morality is finished.

The third knock which broke the deafening silence was very much louder and continuous this time around, I was already sweating profusely, chanting and reciting all the prayers i could mumble, from Aayatul kursiyyu to kalimatushahaada, then I decided I should face my fate as a man should, I aimed for the door slowly as I can, shivering and shaking terribly, and then I finally opened the door, Lo and Behold the person on sight, the uniform first caught my attention, a hotel attendant!! “Hope all is well sir, I have been knocking for a while without any answer, I am Yahaya Bello sir, I am here to change the bedsheets,” was all he could say.

I stood there wondering, how he would like to receive his thunder, roasted, fried, or boiled. And then before I could utter a word, “Guy wake up abeg, why you dey squeeze face for sleep, prayer time don do abeg” came the voice of my room mate, it was all a dream, after waking up, I then recalled clearly that I have never insulted the person of Yahaya Bello, the Kogi state Governor, all my criticisms of him and his Government were purely constructive and void of demeaning and offensive language.

With the tensed political atmosphere in the Country presently, particularly the Kogi State Central Senatorial battle, I call on fellow Comrades, Political as well as social commentators to please maintain decorum and avoid vulgarities in what you say and how you say it on social media. He who stones another with pebbles asks for rocks in return. A word is enough for the wise.

Munir Ishaq Morality writes from faculty of Law Bayero University Kano. He can be reached via 2348147841027

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