[politics] Man Commends Buhari Tenure For Three 3 Things – Read Them

Nigerian Man known as Zaid Ayuba Alhaji (Sir. Kuli Kuli) has commends GMB for 3 three things

In his statement he said

-As you read through this, don’t consider party influence, candidature and subjective political feelings, think of the nation, reality and ignite the passion for being objective, no matter what!.

-Kudos to GMB for the appointment of the most qualified IGP who knew Counter-International terrorism, Kudos to GMB for openly speaking against Ganduje, Kudos to GMB for insisting on trying the CJN.

-Having a corrupt CJN is one of the reasons why criminal & legal system has never change, having Governors that collect Dollars as percentage is one of the reasons why we always stagnate insfrastructurally etc.

-We all voted GMB in 2015 because we saw a General not a President, because sometime “Nigerian corruption” does not need a Liberal President, but the “Tit for Tat” General to treat all criminals as criminals.

-If you’ve applied the same on Kemi Adeosun, Babachir Lawal, Ganduje & others, it could have being better, but now that you start, prove that you are voted to Kill corruption, revive the GDP & Human Economy, Fight Insecurity & stabilize Nigeria.

-Since the constitution have specifically stipulates that the CCT is the court to try a “judge” who is seen to have bridged the code of conduct, then let the CJN & Ganduje face the law by force and by law without much regard to their impunity or Immunity.

-We are tired of having a Nigeria with Civil & Public servants who are found collecting dollars, where others operate offshow multiple accounts. Please kill corruption before it kills us all.

-Oshiomole, Akpabio, Ganduje, Obanikoro, Shekarau, Chief Justice and anybody with a “black paint” should face the law & not above the law, that will show true anti-corruption, be the GMB not PMB.

-Force EFCC to fulfill their promise of preventing politicians with corruption charges from contesting, openly expose corrupt Nigerians, charge the new IGP to be more brutal with corrupt people &let us see how Nigeria will truly change fast.

-Many of your Governors, Ministers and members of your party need to be charged, even if “Partisan politicians” see it as a political witch-hunt, just do the right thing.

-Your silence in the past make your government looks like it had given cover that makes APC Members to be above the law, recorded cases are more than enough to be cited.

-Nigerians are devided into 3 on political issues, some will always love you blindly and will never see your fault, where others will hate you blindly without seeing your good work, while there are objective minds that rate you according to you good and bad.

-Don’t be decieved by blind supporters, don’t be discouraged by blind critics, be focused to identifying truths and invest your energy and national resources into building a better Nigeria.

-We will always commend you where you are correct & we will criticize you where the whole world knows you are wrong, all we hope is your continuous trial to make Nigeria a better place.

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