Nigerians are Hypocrites – Man Reveals Shocking Reasons For Saying So (Must Read For All)

A Nigerian man known as Sir. Zaid Ayuba Alhaji sir Kulikuli has took to his facebook page and claim all Nigerians are hypocrites with his statement tagged IF NIGERIANS ARE NOT HYPOCRITES and he goes further explaining his points and reason why he said so

According to his post he said

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, why didn’t we condemn Buhari when he increase fuel price from N97 to N145. When Jonathan increased it from N87-N97 we nearly plunged Nigeria into another civil War with protest, riots & vandalism.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, why do we keep quite when people are kidnapped, Killed & displaced everyday, we blamed Jonah for the 2012-2015 Killing & Boko Haram but we refused to blame Baba for the 2015-2018 Kidnappings, Killings &
political criminality.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, we knew PDP are corrupt, yet they dealt with Bode George, Alamese, Ibori, Aminu Dabo & others. What of APC who cannot do anything to Babachir, Maina, Adiosun, Ganduje & others; yet we keep saying “Integrity & Anti-corruption”.

-Go back to history and see how OBJ dealt with Ibori & Alamese as a President. We expected PMB to be more swift & radical in handling corrupt cases.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, why do we kept quite when Akpabio, Shekarau, Obanikoro, Gamawa & other “Decampees” are now saints, yet the likes of Kwankwaso, Tambuwal & others that powered APC 80% are now seeing as “Infidels & criminals” by hypocrites Nigerians!.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, why do we refuse to condemn Buhari as Dollar climaxed to 360? is it because Jonathan who managed it at N190 is not a Northerner, Hausa/Fulani, Muslim or because he will not hand-over power to the Yorubas?.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, APC & PDP are the same, if PDP are thieves then APC are armed Robbers, if PDP are criminals then APC are terrorists, if PDP are corrupt then APC are lucifers… just tell me the differences between APC and PDP Governors and Ministers.

-If Nigerians are not hypocrites, why are we supporting Baba to neclect ASUU, even if ASUU have faults yets we are the end-victims. What has change since 2015 on Education, Health, Social welfare, Transportaion & local security?.

-I will never allow myself to be a deciever to myself, to be fooled and blinded by political love, to the extent of accepting propaganda as realities. APC, PDP, ATIKU, BUHARI and most Nigerian politicians are not sincere with the people.

-Let’s learn to say the truth especially on issues that affect our lives, governance and collective affairs. Nobody can brainwash me into believing things that all of us know were political lies aimed at continuous domination of the people.

-Buhari is human, can make mistakes. He is sorrounded by both good and bad, selfless and selfish, transparent and corrupt people, why then are we acting as if he is God? when Insecurity, systematic corruption, poor condition and selective prosecution are like Jonathan Era.

-Say, think and do what you feel about people like me that talk on Buhari, but many of us will never forgive him for his inability to truly protect the people. Many of my village people have paid & are still paying Millions of Naira as Ransom to Kidnappers, will Buhari compensate them?, since he cannot provide adequate security?.

-We voted him because we knew he is better than Jonathan, but he allowed the Tinubus, Osinbajos, Fasholas and others to be controlling him indirectly like stearing. He is no more the “Action GMB” we voted but a “Political PMB” who only care about 2019 victory than the lives of Nigerians.

-If most of his Ministers are like Hamidu Ali, Nigeria could have being the type we all dreamed of, but he knew that he appointed former Governors who enjoyed Nigeria’s treasury from 1999-2015.

-You can abuse me for saying the truth, but if you cannot see the truth in this, then you are decieving yourself, you allow blinded love to cloud your judgment, and i will not stop except if he change for good.

-Realistic Criticism is not hatred, political appraisal is not true love, better cry for the people to get good governance. We must learn to tell the leaders we voted the truth no matter how bitter it is, if not we will continue to live like slaves, dying from selfish love while they act little and exaggerate big with propaganda!.

With those points above I myself Strongly agree we Nigerians are hypocrites like seriously there is no doubt in this anymore sir kulikuli has clearly fish out the real fact of what is actually happening in this country and how we the citizens react when things like this happen

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