-This is a wake up call to all our Youths, who idolize politicians, love blindly, easily follow the crowd of confusion and blindly kill our future.

-My participation on people based politics is a passion to see the lives of people becomes better, my aspiration to be a *President in 2035* is a dream like Nelson Mandela, J.F Kennedy, Nyerere Kambarage or Muammar Gaddafi who dreamed to serve the people right from childhood.

-BUT, Politics to me is just an ambition to add value to the people, not an alternative for survival, wealth accumulation, grabbing power or any undue advantage against the good of the people. So, kindy understand that i am not a “Partisan Politician” but an “Activist Politician”.

-Imagine loving a politician without objective assesment of his right and wrongs, why do we refuse to admit faults even when there are, if that does not mean hypocrisy it will simply mean supporting threat to human progress.

-If you are Atikulated or a Next Leveler, APC or PDP; understand that my political ideology is for the betterment of the people, not candidates and their parties, i commend their good and condemn their wrongs even if Millions will disagree, so don’t judge me from your opinion, judge me from my ideology.

-I don’t politicize but concientize, i count on reality not ideals, i don’t buy propaganda nor allowed to be brainwashed, i hate money politics, because i am always conscious of the cost, benefits and consequence of my action!.

-Don’t just allowed yourself to be a psychopath, simply because your political idol is criticized, politics anywhere in the world carries criticism, then learn to be smart

-Even if i don’t achieve my political dream, i will continue with other things such as business, academia, activism and will continue to give my quota to the greatness of other politicians that will serve the interest of humanity for good. Politics to me is just a vision; not a business plan!.

-It is normal when you are Buharified or Atikulated, if you like change your name to APC or PDP, just be objective enough to admit their good and bad sides, judge them on that and know that they all humans that have good and bad.

-Don’t just be their wailer, debater and defender, be an independent Youth, conscious of your civil, civic and constitutional roles in politics, love them without hating others who don’t love them, that is the simplest meaning of “political civility”.

-Buhari & Atiku will go after 2019, but Nigeria and your relationship with others remains, so open your eyes to know that they are in Adamawa, Daura, Abuja and on flights while you are here shamelessly hating one another on social media for them.

-I urge our youths to wake up from our slumbers, let’s begin to play smart roles in politics, not politics of Money, hatred, sentiment and blindness, because our future lies in our actions and in the hand of God.

-Zaid Ayuba Alhaji (Sir. Kuli Kuli). Comradezaid6@gmail.com
B.Sc International Relations.